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1&1 Web hosting review pros and cons 2017



The 1&1 company specializes in Web hosting, servers and Web site creation: It was created in 1988 and has become known to the general public through its TV advertising campaign.

Its solutions for individuals and professionals who wish to have a website and design it in an easy and intuitive way. Its reputation in full development allows it to be one of the main providers in this service in world.

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To seduce its future customers, the company puts forward large arguments, namely the creation of site without technical knowledge (1&1 Mywebsite),

expertise in various activities and domain names included. To fully understand the services offered, let’s take a tour of the offers put in place by 1 & 1.

1&1 web hosting packages comparison

To meet the needs of companies and individuals, 1 & 1 offers solutions in several categories: the purchase of domain names (including transfers, recordings and creations), the management of websites (creation, Updates, hosting and layout), hosting (Cloud posting, WordPress, etc. ..)

1&1 Web Hosting

as well as servers (clouds, dedicated servers, dedicated cloud servers, cloud App center) and e-mail management (professional e-mail addresses, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange).

1 & 1, in its willingness to offer the most complete offers possible, highlights useful tools for the management of your website and in particular in terms of digital marketing (audit, SEO, etc).

WordPress, shared or Cloud? Your preference in terms of hosting offer

For the details of the 1 & 1 offers, you will find below the description of each solution:

  • WordPress offers: 3 offers ($ 0.99 / month, $4.99 / month and $8, 99 / month).



WordPress solutions allow you to install WordPress without any technical manipulation. This is ideal for beginners who want to take advantage of the most used CMS (Content Management System) forces in the world without worrying about setup and installation activities. The main difference is at the disk space level (50 vs. 250 vs unlimited). Get your Plan

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  • Shared offers: 3 offers ($ 0.99 /month, $ 4.99/month and $8, 99/month).

If you want to have freedom in the choice of your CMS or you want to put online a site that you have coded yourself, the more sense is to choose a shared offer.

1&1 shared Hosting


difference in the level of price is justified by the number of databases, the RAM (CPU power). The unlimited pro offer is even equipped with 2GB of RAM, that matches a website application with power of calculates . Get your Plan | Hosting, Domains, Website Services & Servers

  • Cloud offers: 4 offers ( $ 9.99/month, $ 14, 99 /month, $ 24, 99/month and $ 34, 99 per month).


The cloud offers are the new trend. Flexibility and power, these are the main qualities of these offers. The only difference for these offers is: the number of cores , storage space and RAM (from 500 to 4 GB of RAM). Get Your plan

1&1 web hosting Customer reviews

Through reviews of users on the Internet, it shows that 1 & 1 is a provider that is perfect for beginners who want to start gradually in the creation of their web site.

However, after the period during which you benefit from advantageous rates, rates are progressing and are relatively high in comparison to the competition (it’s still very acceptable, we always talk about a few dollars per month).

To choose a reliable and quality solution once your structure is well developed and has a satisfactory traffic, if you still want the best rate and do not change service provider, it may be appropriate to analyze from the first day the alternatives that are available to you. | Hosting, Domains, Website Services & Servers

1&1 Web hosting pros and cons

The forces of 1 & 1 are located on ease of use and offers adapted for beginners. Customer service and technical service are known to be very reactive and responsive to the needs and questions of customers.


There are a few negative opinions related mainly to the increase in prices once the first last year and the General conditions of sale. Nothing surprising, trade policy of 1 & 1 is known to be particularly aggressive.


For example, you can turn to 1 & 1 if you want to learn how to manage your Web site but if you are cheap , you will however need to think about changing provider once your site gains in power and visibility to make savings.

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