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ActiveTrail: A multifunctional platform for your Emails marketing


ACTIVE TRAIL Founded in 2004 by the RealCommerce Group, a major player in Web integration and mobile technologies, ActiveTrail is a emailing solution that meets the needs of the most demanding marketers and marketing campaign: automated emails, landing pages,SMS.

Thanks to a personalized cross-channel platform, marketing tools that meet the needs of professionals and an optimal deliver ability, t

he service is an essential part of the sector. Focus on its different features.

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ActiveTrail Review

A very simple dashboard

The ActiveTrail interface is very clear and easy to use. The dashboard offers 4 large visible areas:

  • campaigns: to begin your emailing, the tab also includes all your campaigns sent or draft.

  • Contacts: create a contact card that is detailed with many fields, or import your contacts from Excel.

  • Landing pages: to bring together your landing pages and create, thanks to a couple of templates can be changed according to your project

  • Statistics: analyze and export your results after sending your campaigns with summarized or detailed statistics.


Above, a banner includes the different services (contacts, campaigns, automations, landing pages, sms, statistics, more) with the possibility of travel them more in detail according to the query to be performed.

A simple and complete tool to create emailing campaigns

ActiveTrail Create a standard email campaign

With ActiveTrail, creating a campaign is done in a few seconds. Once the campaign is named, you have to choose one of the many available templates. It’s one of the big advantages of the platform, especially if you have no technical resources. The templates are of excellent quality, and allow to create emailing campaigns quickly. If you want to create a template from scratch, you can of course choose a blank template and integrate your own HTML., Domain Names, Domains, Hosting


The templates are fully editable and customizable via an editor. You can easily change the structure of the mail, the content, titles, images, colors, play with the blocks… The block management is particularly simple and easy to handle.

Create a Split Test A/B campaign

To create a A/B testing campaign, launch a new campaign and select the corresponding icon. You will then have the possibility to fill in the name of your campaign, the Preheader, to set the sending parameters (subject of the email, sender for campaigns A and B) as well as the advanced parameters (which allow to integrate directly Google Analytics In your campaign, so you can best analyze its effectiveness. Once your settings are set, choose a template from the multitude of choices and edit it at your convenience.

Last step, form groups A/B to send your campaign. By default, ActiveTrail will allocate 10% of contacts to group A, and 10% to the Group B. The best version will then be sent to the remaining 80%. However, you can plan your own percentages through a cursor. Choose then the winning version depending on the time allotted (hours, days or weeks) and 5 criteria (rate opening, clicks, reactivity,…). Finally, sending restrictions allow you to limit the number of emails or even exclude some contacts of your campaign. Regarding the transmission, it can be instant or scheduled. Note that a minimum of 3 contacts is necessary for the launch of your campaign.

Campaign on event and triggered campaign

For these two types of campaigns, the approach is the same as for the previous ones on the form. On the background, the event campaign allows you to program the launch of a campaign a few days before an important event.

The campaign that is raised allows you to automatically launch a campaign when a contact is added to a list or is unsubscribe.

Create Complex Automations

ActiveTrail also allows to create complex scenarios of marketing automation. This allows you to send any particular message to your visitors according to their actions.


Create a campaign is simple, without special knowledge. Simply choose a trigger (register, unsubscribe, anniversary date) and create your automation with the different available actions: sending campaigns emailing, sending of SMS campaigns, update contact, condition, split,. alert. Creates the tree via a small easy-to-view dashboard.

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Create a landing page

ActiveTrail also allows you to create your landing pages in a few clicks. A very interesting tool for your marketing campaigns. To create a landing page, go to the “Landing Pages” tab and then “New page”. Then choose an existing template or create your own using the HTML editor. Again, the publisher is the same as the one used for mailing campaigns.

activetrail-landing page

So you can change all the elements of your template with ease. Note that holders of the free package can only create one landing page. If you want to create multiple pages, you have to opt for a monthly or yearly plan.

Extensive statistics

The statistics table is complete and gives access to many information such as the rates of non-delivery, opening, unsubscribe, clicks and responsiveness, complaints (for spam) … But also the growth of the contact list and their tracking. All this combined information gives detailed reports, whether it be SMS campaigns and/or mailing. It is also possible to configure the sending of automatic reports according to the desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly …).


A comprehensive tool that covers all needs

ActiveTrail seduces because it is complete and simple. It covers all the needs inherent in the creation of a complex marketing campaign: automated email, landing pages, SMS, scenarios and advanced statistics.

The integration of data through Zapier or the import of datas Facebook (Facebook Leads Ads) offers interesting opportunities for cross-platform marketing. The interface of the ActiveTrail system also includes an API (application programming interface) to allow integration between various systems.

One particularly appreciates the very simple and well thought-out editor for mailings and landing pages, as well as the sobriety of the tool. The UX (user experience) is simple and well thought out, the different features are extremely well segmented, which allows to quickly and simply use what interests us. For use, ActiveTrail is really simple, complete and well designed

Attractive and personalized pricing

At the pricing level, 3 options are offered by ActiveTrail:

The monthly package: Depending on the number of contacts

The annual package: depending on the number of contacts also

The prepaid package: Depending on the number of emails sent

The Annual packages give access to all the features of the platform, as well as the unlimited creation of landing pages. You can cancel or even change your package at any time. Formulas start at $9 up to 500 contacts. The highest bid is $219 for a range of 40 001 to 60 000 contacts.


Note that the annual packages automatically offer you 15% discount.

For prepaid packages, you buy credits and use them whenever you want. The rates are degressive, they start at $19 for sending 1000 mails ($19 by mail) and go up to $549 for 100 000 mails ($5 per mail).

Test ActiveTrail for free for 30 days by the platform?

Test it for free for 30 days! ActiveTrail gives you access to all its features (surveys, forms, landing pages, marketing automation …) with 2000 credits to use, 5 SMS and an unlimited contact list. To take advantage of the offer, a simple inscription is enough. You will receive a confirmation email after filling out a form on the official website.

  • WYSIWYG intuitive web builder
  • Stunning templates
  • Availability of landing page builder
  • Marketing automation
  • WordPress integration
  • Free trial
  • Haven’t found an option to import contacts from another platform.

Conculusion :

You should try ActiveTrail they provide both email and SMS marketing features in a budget that you can never can try their service without providing the details of payment as well.

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