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Hostgator web hosting review Plans & deals 2017


 Founded in 2002, HostGator  Web Hosting did not take much time to have some authority in its field, and less than a decade later, they had already hosted more than 5 million domains.

It is a huge success in such a short period of time, which means that they are doing well.

And with the introduction of their brand-new “startup subscription”, which costs only $3.96/month, I knew it was time to conduct my investigation.

In order to make a rigorous assessment, I subscribed for a month to their startup subscription, which cost me $7.16, paying monthly.

 Hostgator web hosting review Plans

Price and Quality Repport

The HostGator basic subscription costs $ 7,16/month or $ 3.96/month if you subscribe for 36 months (total of $ 142.56).


You can also subscribe for 2 years at the price of $ 4.76/month ($114,24) or for a year at the price of $ 5.56 per month ($66,72).

 Get Your Web hosting started from $0.99

HostGator also offers a trial period without obligation to subscribe to 45 days.

Technically I could have paid only $ 3.96 for the trial period, but I don’t mind in general when a web host offers prices in the month – save $ 3.20 is not really worth.

As for the startup subscription, whether you pay $3.96 or $7.16 or between the two, it includes unlimited hard disk space, unlimited bandwidth,


a shared SSL certificate, a site designer, an instant backup, a guarantee of Running time of 99.9% and a support for a domain.

The startup subscription does not include a free domain, but you can buy it directly via HostGator when you sign up.


HostGator never requires a contract and it allows you to upgrade from the startup subscription to “Baby subscription” or “Professional Subscription” without any problem and at any time.

All you have to do is pay the difference.

Performance and Reliability

If you decide to opt-out any time before the first 45 days, HostGator will refund 100%. After 45 days, it will refund the prorated.

In addition, if you pay $ 7,16 for the first month and then decide to upgrade for longer, HostGator deals with the difference, that significant.


HostGator also guaranteed 99.9% uptime, and it will refund prorated at any time where it would sink below it.

This already presented. It doesn’t happen often, and the last time it was at the beginning of 2009, but it is reassuring to know that he is committed to this guarantee.

Overall, HostGator is doing very well and has maintained a good running time of 99,906% since the end of 2005.

 Support  customers and services 

All the web hosts that I did the review, little interact with their customers as does HostGator.

A good reason for this, is that HostGator is really social pro-reseaux.

They are active on their Facebook page as well as on their Twitter account, where they post updates of their status and even answered questions from customers.

For more personalized help, you have access to support 24/7 via live chat, email or phone.

They also have a support ticket system available via their support portal.

The portal also gives you access to the forums in communities, videos from tutorials, to a wide selection of items and a sophisticated search mechanism that lets you query the knowledge base.

In order to test the support in person, I talked to a recommended using the cat in lige to ask a series of questions.

After having approached the cat, not didn’t have long to wait to start talking with an agent.

I played the role of a beginner, and asked a few questions to which the Adviser responded very well.

I then asked a little more complex questions, including one concerning the installation of a module for one of the supported technologies.

The Adviser responded quickly to the question directing me to a very detailed tutorial on the subject. Me, that’s fine, but it’s why some find chat support is too impersonal.

  • – Telephone
  • – Fax
  • – Email mail mail
  • – Chat live support
  • – ticket system Knowledge Base, Forums, Facebook, and Twitter

Ease of use

With HostGator, you will be working with the well-known cPanel. If you have already used this dashboard before, then you will recognize everything and if not the case .

    • – You’ll find everything anyway. Overall, I think HostGator is quite user friendly and you shouldn’t have a problem managing your site.

Get Comodo SSL for just $9. Secure your site from snoopers.

  • – Their approach to social networks, which has often allowed me to have answers to my questions before I have to ask them.

– Their approach to the community, which allowed me to come into contact, productively, with other HostGator clients.

– The sales team looked sincerely interested in creating long term relationships with customers.

Important to know

The mobile support is very limited, and HostGator will often try to redirect you to another form of support.


Overall, it was a great experience with HostGator. For me it is suitable for large web companies as well as small WordPress blogs.

The process of creating an account is simple. The control Panel is powerful and intuitive

. And the resources are great, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast (Do It Yourself). N

ote: A negative point about HostGator is that they continue to debit credit cards even after the account is closed. But I did not experience it.

Of course, I got into the habit of contacting my CC company as soon as I close accounts with which I was making regular payments.

I think that every webmaster should follow this strategy.





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