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iPage offers a range of solutions to effectively start an Internet activity. Include: web hosting,Web marketing, site scripts, e-commerce services, domain registration, email hosting, website management.


iPage was created in 1998 in order to play the role of a supplier offering unique solutions, intended for users who seek to develop their website, to make web design or who need a hosting service.

iPage remained inactive for a few years and was revived in 2009. The services currently offered by the company iPage include more than just web hosting.

iPage offers a range of solutions to effectively start an Internet activity. Include: Web marketing, site scripts, e-commerce services, domain registration, email hosting, website management, web hosting.


The web hosting iPage has caught my attention and that of other webmasters because of its hosting plans at “Best Value for money”, at only $3.50.

However, while intrigued, we other webmasters are wary of web hosts as inexpensive, or, in other words, of what looks too good to be true. But although it is legitimate, such an opportunity is too good to simply let it pass.


That’s why I decided to try it out while knowing that in the worst case, I would have lost only $4.50. It’s not ruin, and it was worth it, just to be able to make a real assessment of a web host as intriguing.


A reliable platform offering an excellent price/quality

Although marketing iPage is oriented towards a very low price such as $ 3.50 / month, must purchase a subscription for 3 years (36 months at $ 3.50 = $ 126) to enjoy it.

So even if it is a great value, it is often a long commitment for customers who try it for the first time. The good news is that the rate for a month subscription is only $ 4.50 (as of this review),

so if you try it and you like it, $ 130,50 for 37 months, it remains an excellent deal. iPage also offers a rate of $ 4.25 per month for a one year subscription, but if you are willing to commit for a year, so commit to three.

iPage also provides a guarantee of refund at any time which gives you the opportunity to opt-out of any subscription. longer, I will come back in the section Performance and reliability.

Site Builder

The friendliest aspect of the iPage rate structure is that there is no hidden cost.

For $4.50 (or $4.25 or $3.50), you have a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited memory space, as many email accounts as you want, databases, a security package, integrated site building tools, a shop in Online and even free advertising credits for Yahoo!

and Facebook. Even better, iPage is eco-friendly and runs at 100% thanks to wind energy. However, there are a few extras available, such as a private domain at $8.99/year, an automatic backup of $12.95/year and a wide range of directories and traffic services at different prices.

Performance and Reliability

In order to be really a good deal, iPage must ensure performance and uptime of the first order. After all, webmasters prefer to pay a little extra for this confidence and peace of mind.

Studying this process, I worried that iPage does not make the active promotion of their time of availability.

But a little digging my investigation, I found that they have kept an excellent time of functioning 99.96% during the past six years,

and that they have not encountered any problem during my evaluation period. More important, they offer a money back guarantee at any time.

If you disengage you within the first 30 days, they pay back you 100%, and if you disengage you after that, they pay back you in proportion. It puts the subscription of 3 years in a totally new light.


Another aspect that differs iPage from several other hosters is technical support 24/7 in their basic subscription. But what is the effectiveness of this technical assistance?

Well, in order to test it, I contacted them via the online chat, and I was pleasantly surprised when I was put in touch with a counsellor practically immediately.

To gauge the quality of this assistance, I asked them where their servers were located,

what was the limitation of attachments to emails and what were my options to edit/edit the .htaccess file.

The speed and rigour of the answers was really impressive for every question I asked, and the adviser even briefly explained to me how to use the .htaccess editing mode directly from the IPage Control Panel.

– Live chat

– Phone support

– Console (advanced online chat that requires connecting)

– system feedback/reviews system

– support by email tickets (form on site)

– contacting IPage is really not difficult …

The Control Panel

The control Panel on iPage is intuitive and at the forefront of modernity. It is meant to be clearer and easier to use than most configuration panels.

Ease of Use

The control Panel on iPage is a little bit different from what I’m used to

but positively. I think it’s even cleaner and easy to use than many other configuration panels.

It just looks a lot more modern. Everything that matters is there, which suits everyone.

It doesn’t matter whether the web hosting is new to you or that you have 10 years of experience as a webmaster.

iPage PROS and CONS

Quality: iPage is an extraordinarily profitable web hosting company with no hidden costs.

Extras: iPage offers a wide selection of rare extras in this price range.

Support: iPage offers plenty of options for technical assistance 24/7.

Other Services

iPage is a quality web hosting company, which put on profitability for users, no hidden fees. The extras are very varied and at attractive prices.

In addition, it should be added that IPage offers fairly limited upgrade options, which will not be appropriate for users who want a larger plan than the current one.


iPage is a practically perfect webhost for small to medium websites that do not plan to grow much more than they are currently. If your web site meets these criteria,

you won’t find much other more profitable hosts or that provide a service to customer support as complete and as available as that offered by iPage. The latter is really gives a lot of trouble for you,

which is rather rare for a hoster so cheap. A suggestion: Although you have the ability to opt-out of your 3-year subscription, you will need to follow the procedure. This is fair, but it would be better to avoid it and to opt instead for the month trial at $ 4.50.

iPage is perfect for small to medium web sites. If your website meets these characteristics, iPage is without any doubt the most cost effective hosting and the most complete, as much from the point of view of the benefits assistance.

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