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WordPress is a great platform that allows you to easily create professional looking sites, but there are some points should not be overlooked.

These are small things that show that you have not yet well taken WordPress in hands, but fortunately you can fix them easily and quickly!

Here are 10 tips that you can apply immediately for Make your WordPress site more professional.




1. Remove the ability to leave comments on static pages

By default, when you install WordPress, comments are allowed as well on pages as on articles (if you still have a doubt about the difference between pages and articles, I would advise you to read the following article: What are the Differences between articles and pages in WordPress? ).

Generally, it is not necessary to keep the possibility of leaving comments on the static pages of the site because it makes no sense on some pages, such as “Contact” or your Page “about” for example.


Fortunately, it is very easy to remove the possibility of leaving a comment on the pages.


2.Translate your theme entirely and properly

when you buy a theme (or when you download a free theme), it is important to know if it has been translated, because otherwise, you’re going to spend a lot of time to translate.

If you still have to translate it yourself, I advise you to read the excellent article, already present on WP Marmite: how translate WordPress Theme sound good once and for all!


3. Add legal information on your site

all Internet sites published on a professional basis, whether they offer online sales or not, must indicate the following legal terms: for an individual contractor: name, first name, Domicile, for a company: Business name, legal form, address of the establishment or of the registered office (and not a simple P.O. Box), amount of the social capital, e-mail address and telephone number.


For a commercial activity:

registration in the trade register and companies , for a craft number:

registration number to the directory of trades , individual number of tax ID (TAX number intra-Community),

for a regulated profession:

reference to the professional rules applicable and the professional title, name and address of the authority issuing the authorization to exercise when it’s necessary, name of the Manager of the publication,

Contact information of the site host: name, denomination or business reason, address and telephone number, for a merchant site, General Conditions of sale (Terms of Use):

price (expressed in Dollar /Euros and TTC), fees and date of delivery, payment method, service After-sales, right of withdrawal, duration of the offer, cost of the technique of remote communication, simplified declaration number , in the case of data collection on customers.

It allows you to enter your data and to receive by email the text of your legal mentions. (Attention, to be sure at 100% to be in good standing, consult a specialized lawyer.)

To add these legal notices to the trailer of your site, follow these steps: Create a “legal mentions” page paste the text of your legal mentions and save the page choose not to include this page in your menu (go to Ans Appearance > Menus) then we will create a link to this page in the footer (also called footer).

You probably have one or more spaces to insert widgets into the footer.


4. Remove the category “Uncategorized”

remove the non-classified category by default, each item you publish is in the category “Uncategorized” or “unclassified”. It is up to you to change this category, but often this change goes to the door.

So you can change the default category to a category other than “Uncategorized”

5. Resize your images

WordPress lets you send images very easily, but few people optimize them. Often the images are displayed at full size and then resized in the publication.

This can slow down your site, especially if you have a lot. We’ve all seen images that appear little by little.

A better solution is to use images that are already in the size you want. If your blog images always are 500 pixels wide? Resize them before putting them on your site.

And you don’t need Photoshop to resize your photos! You can use software you probably already have on your computer (such as Paint for example for Windows or for Mac-Paintbrush).

Or You can use this online Photo Editors

–   Sumo Paint  :

– Pixlr :

Then you save your image with the new dimensions

To receive bonus points (and especially for improving your SEO), name your image with your keywords. Choose ‘redimensionner_photos_pour_wordpress.jpg’ rather than ‘my_image_2018.jpg ‘.



6. Remove the link to the media file of your image

now that your image is at the right size and you have given it a filename that will help you improve your SEO, you can insert it into your article or WordPress page.

On the other hand, when inserting your image, WordPress will, by default, link the image to the media file, that is, to a page with only the image (like this

In addition, by default, this link opens in the same window. In fact, when your visitors click on the image, they will find themselves on a page with only this image and you risk making them go away.

Most of the time, it’s pointless to link the image to its media file. The only time this can be interesting is when the image of your article must be available in larger (for example, to read).

7. Remove SPAM Comments

Be careful, spam comments are not only comments with 10 links to amazon or ebay , they are also comments that simply say: “I loved reading your article, thank you very much ‘ and that link to a SPAM site.

Often when one receives a ‘Nice’ comment, there is a tendency to publish it (especially when these are the only comments that we receive).


But to give a professional image to your site, it is essential to hunting SPAM comments!

You can use extensions like ‘Akismet’ or ‘Anti spam bee’ to help you make a first selection.

Attention, it is essential to regularly delete these comments (even if they are not published on your site), because they take up space in your database.

8. choose an avatar it’s always nice to see a face rather than a gray face.

This will help you to convey a pro and coherent image wherever you leave a comment.

To get your avatar, go to the website, where you can link a photo with your email address .

Now, every time you post a comment with this address, your photo will appear.

9.Change your WordPress permalinks

You must change your permalinks, because by default, WordPress uses ‘ /? p = xxx “(with xxx article number) as a permanent URL for your items.

To improve your search engine rankings, it is important that your keywords are present in the URL of your articles.

It’s one of the criteria taken into account by search engines to decide whether your article is relevant to the query that you are targeting.

You can change your permalinks in ‘ settings & permalinks “and check the box”name of article “.

This will allow you to get links This makes URLs much prettier no?


10. Change the author name

On many topics the author is automatically displayed. The problem is that the default author name is your WordPress username.

This can give valuable information to potential pirates and therefore make your site vulnerable to attacks!

You can either not display the author, either, if your theme does not allow it easily or if you are several authors on the blog, change the name that appears to the visitors.

To change your name, go to “Users > your profile” and fill in a “nickname”. Then you can choose this alias for “name to display publicly”.

Now your WordPress username is no longer publicly displayed and you can choose a pseudonym that you like well.

Conclusion there’s 10 things you can do immediately to make your WordPress site more professional.


As you probably noticed, a lot of these ‘mistakes’ from the default WordPress settings, just know how and where you can change them.

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