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Editorial Tips and tutorial for SEO optimization of landing pages, This optimization is essential for Google to be interested in your website and send you a traffic.

  • It is necessary to index your website by this step.

  • The presence of effective content on your site promotes the interest of your visitors.

  • You cannot be durably first on Google without optimizing the content on your site.

  • The Google SEO has its constraints: it is an engine, and an engine is by definition totally idiotic.

  • This content should be of the right length. The densities of the keywords must be each well dosed.

  • The right density depends on each keyword and each corpus. You also need to have your content unique on the web.

Search Engine Optimization

1- I made some links to my site to improve its ranking. What’s the point to optimize the content of web pages?

Your pages must have something to say. This optimization is essential for Google to be interested in your site. Google is not sensitive to the beauty of your interface.

What Google wants above all is understanding your site. Google needs text to analyze. Sometimes it even needs a lot of text.

Without content, you will have the worst difficulties today to position yourself correctly, even in the case of local referencing.

You also need to structure your content. You only need to deal with one topic per page. This makes it easier to understand your pages by Google. Also, of course, you are a source of information for Internet users.

Even in the case of paid SEO (AdWords), well felt pages improve the quality of your campaigns.



2– My webmaster has made the TITLE tags. He put all the keywords in these tags. Can we still improve the referencing of the site?

You have TITLE tags that help to SEO. You also have those who hold him back.

SEO is a full-time job. The drafting of a TITLE tag must meet several criteria. These tags must be neither too short nor too long.

No keyword must be repeatedly in the TITLE tag… It must fully describe the content of the page. Also, this tag should be unique on the web.

The TITLE tag is the first of the criteria that Google looks at. The TITLE tag lets him know the theme of your page. Miss this tag and you are your SEO.

This tag must be written by your search engine optimizer (or your SEO Agency). This must be done so for all important pages of your site.

3 – Does it serve anything to make content? Are backlinks not enough to properly rank your website?


The authority that you provide the links must be fully and durably.

A backlink is a vote to one of the pages of your site. This vote is not credible if the targeted page has little content.

In time, the power of the bonds will diminish.

Content-free pages require a continuous supply of new links. The lack of content must therefore be compensated by new backlinks.

This backlinks is incessant. It ends up costing a lot of money.

You must have objective reasons to earn your backlinks: your content.


4 – My competitor has no text on his pages. His site is better placed than mine. What for? Optimization,SEO

Its best position can be explained at least in two ways: more quality links pointing to the pages of your website.

Its referring sites have more authority than your indexing your website.

But your competitor has a constant obligation to supply his site in links. This to keep it artificially in good position on competitive requests.

Referencing your site often requires careful observation of the actions of its competition.

You need to have well targeted content and quality backlinks. In doing so, you should normally exceed it durably.


5 – I’ve put lots of keywords in my keywords tag. Google needs to know what I’m doing! I do not know what to improve, Google SEO and keywords are intimately related, right?

The keywords tag has been misused in the past. Now, Google ignores it completely. It is the same for the other search engines.

You must understand that it is the content hidden to visitors. This content is only intended for engines. Previously, in this tag, were sometimes more of 100 keywords…

Search engines had to give up reading after the abuse.

6 – I do small texts. I then put lots of keywords in my pages. Is that enough? Are there other points to improve, SEO = Keywords present on my site, right?

This method is considered by the engines as the spamdexing. This is called in this case of “keyword stuffing”.

It’s a very bad idea. It is even to be banned.

The ideal is to have a real text with well structured paragraphs. Texts with phrases including subject/verb/complement, enjoyable to read. There only this true!

It is also the official position of Google: “Do your texts for your users.

Of course, the keywords must be in the pages. They must be in sufficient quantity, but not in excess. Your texts should be easy to read.

In fact, you want to bring many Internet users on your site. You want them to stay at home. So, do not run away with a undrinkable text without interest.

Instead, write them an interesting, fun, text that brings them something. They want to stay on your site.


The power of keywords



7 – What is the right density for keywords?

Tell me the methods of optimization, website or store. Each keyword, depending on the subject being treated, has a natural density.

For example, for a certain keyword, the density is 0.5%. For another keyword, the density is 3%. It all depends on the “corpus” of the keyword.

Your “SEO Expert” advises you on the optimum density for each of the keywords.


8 – What is the ideal length for my texts? A hundred words, enough for SEO optimization?

A content of a hundred words is rarely enough. If you claim credibility, you must give yourself the means.It is necessary to analyze things as for the density of the keywords.

For each corpus, the content has a “normal” length.

In fact, some subjects need to be more consistent than others. In addition, each subject, according to the corpus, has a statistical average length.

Google will analyze a number of criteria on your page. It must be of a size comparable to authoritative documents. Same subject, even corpus, so same volume of content.

Your SEO gives you, page by page, this information. Use this length to captivate your user by bringing him new information. Your reference is also an SEO web editor.


9 – Make all my pages with compliant texts? For optimization

The ideal is to do for important pages of your site. We must target the pages you want to see. These pages must be optimized in priority.

In SEO, these pages are known as “landing pages”. They are the different entry points on your site for users. So they should be treated.

The consistent texts provide an ‘understanding’ of your theme by Google. This eventually causes a Google positioning on the long tail.

You can then do the same for other pages of your site. This is not necessarily a priority



10 – If I make long texts, no one will read them … we must to index your website

– A Web page does not obey the rules of writing on paper. The eye gets tired quickly when it focuses on writing.

However, if your speech is understandable, fluid and interesting, it’s won.

The people who are interested in the subject will read it because they are captivated.

It’s up to you to have something to say interesting.

You can use the inverted pyramid to interest different profiles of Internet users.

The inverted pyramid is the move from the general to the individual. In practice, you start with the conclusion and then you continue with the detail.

11 – Can I use the texts given by my supplier?

You should not use the content of your provider. Google requires original content. The other engines do the same.

Indeed, an interesting content for the Internet user is an original content. So it must be unique. It does not have to be identical on several sites.

Google has a filter named Google Panda. This filter checks that the contents are original. If this content is picked up by the way, Google will detect it someday.

Your page will not be, or little, valued by its algorithm. In some cases, your site may be partially unindexed.

You have to give yourself the means to have original content.


12 – How to put text without breaking the harmony of the site?

You have several methods to deliver content without breaking the harmony.

For example, you can have content in a drawer. This drawer can be opened or unfold. Open the drawer gives your visitors for more information. Another solution is a layer on top of the page.

In any case, should hide anything from the user. He should know that by clicking, there additional information. Therefore, the display is clear.



The tips presented here are relatively simple to implement and will allow you to gain a consistent time saving on most of your WordPress sites. However, the extensive techniques are numerous and it is often a hard work of breath that requires patience and determination to get the maximum score in the tools of analysis.

If you have any questions or an idea you want to share with us, just leave it in the comment box


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